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Hydraulic single &double acting Jar Intensifier

Product Application

This Jar Intensifier is designed on the principle of compressible fluid. It is used in conjunction with Fishing Jar and Super Fishing Jar respectively. It is installed above the fishing jar and the drill collar in operation. Its function is to impart acceleration to the up jarring rod so that the optimum upward jarring effect is obtained.

Product type

The double acting drilling intensifier is a down hole drilling tool to enhance jarring function for the full hydraulic drilling jar, so it must be used with the full hydraulic drilling jar together. It has hydraulic spring as the energy storage element and the structure design itself has no jarring function. The double acting drilling jar can intensify the drill collar and drilling jar which are connected under it to get more stronger jarring force, meanwhile it can reduce destruction for the drilling tools on the upper side of the intensifier during the upward or downward jarring operation.

hydraulic jar intensifier is a kind of down hole fishing jar designed to increase jarring energy for hydraulic fishing jar. So it must use together with super fishing jar. It can accelerate fishing jar above it and drill collar below it when working, so to get larger jarring force on stuck point, and reduce the shock of drill stem spring-back after jarring at the same time.

Product parameters

OD ID Tool Joint Max. Tensile Load Lbf Updraw full stroke Pulling Load Lbf Max. Stroke
3-3/4'' 1-1/4'' NC26 112,410 44,960 13
4'' 1-1/4'' NC31 134,890 56,250 13
4-1/4'' 1-1/4'' NC31 157,370 56,250 13
4-1/2'' 1-1/2'' NC31 179,850 67,440 8-1/2
4-3/4'' 1-1/2'' C38 202,340 78,680 9-1/4
5-3/4'' 2'' NC40 224,820 89,920 13
6-1/4'' 2-1/4'' NC50 337,230 157,370 13-1/8
6-5/8'' 2-1/4'' NC50 359,710 168,610 13-1/8
7'' 2-3/8'' NC50 404,670 179,850 12-1/2
7-3/4'' 3'' 6-5/8REG 472,100 224,820 13-1/2
8'' 3'' 6-5/8REG 562,050 269,780 13-1/2
9'' 3'' 7-5/8REG 674,460 303,500 13-1/2

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